Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best September in 71 Years

Today was rough as the Dow was up as much as 113 only to close down 47 but, stocks posted best September in 71 years.  The Dow was up 7.7% for September, best since the start of World War 2 in 1939.  The top performers of September were technology stocks, they also led the pullback today with most top tech down as much as 1%.

Lets take a look back at how my trades have fared.  I like to reflect on past recommendations to not only show my success/failures but to also make my blog more transparent and credible.

 September's Stock of the Month, Balchem (BCPC)
  • recommended buying on September 4 at $24.78
  • As of the close September 30, BCPC is trading at $30.86
  • conclusion: up $6.08 or 19.7%
Citigroup (C)
  • recommend buy 9/06 at 3.82
  • currently trades at 3.91
  • conclusion: up $.09 or 2.3%
Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD)
  • recommended buy 9/11 at $54.55
  • currently trades at 58.75
  • conclusion: up $4.20 or 7%
Fedex (FDX)
  • recommended buy 9/13 at 82.23
  • currently: 85.50
  • conclusion: up $3.27 or 3.8%
Best Buy (BBY)
  • recommended: 9/14 at 33.80
  • currently: 40.83
  • conclusion: up $7.03 or 17.2%
Nike (NKE)
  • recommended: 9/18 at 71.50
  • currently: 80.14
  • conclusion: up $8.64 or 11%
Recommended within last 5 days: Apple (AAPL)

Not one stock pick was down this month.  The top performing recommendation was our Stock of the Month, Balchem (BCPC) which has been on fire!  I still recommend "buy" for the above stocks.  These stocks are great companies and will continue to outperform. 

Look this weekend for October's Stock of the Month and Book of the Month.  Lets make money together.

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